• Lingayatism is a distinct Shaivite religious tradition in India.
  • Its worship is centered on Hindu god Shiva as the universal god in the iconographic form of Ishtalinga.
  • The adherents of this faith are known as Lingayats.
  • Lingayatism was founded by the 12th-century philosopher and statesman Basava and spread by his followers, called Sharanas.
  •  Lingayatism emphasizes qualified monism and bhakti (loving devotion) to Shiva, with philosophical foundations similar to those of the 11th–12th-century South Indian philosopher Ramanuja.
  • The terms Lingayatism and Veerashaivism have been used synonymously, and Lingayats also referred to as Veerashaivas.
  •  Lingayatism is considered a Hindu sect, but some Lingayats have sought legal recognition as a religion distinct from Hinduism.They say that  Lingayats had been neither part of the Hindu religion nor were a synonym for the Veerashaiva sect.
  • Contemporary Lingayatism is influential in South India, especially in the state of Karnataka.