NextGen Airports for Bharat (NABH) Nirman Scheme



QUES 1 . Consider the following statements about -NextGen Airports for Bharat (NABH) Nirman Scheme

1 . It was announced in Budget 2018-19.

 2 . This is a scheme to expand airport capacity more than  twice to handle a billion trips a year.

3 . The scheme is to establish about 50 airports in 15 years.

Which among the above statements is /are correct ?

a . 1 only

b . 2 only

c . 1 & 2

d . 1 & 3

Answer – a

The government, in the Budget 2018-19, announced a scheme to expand airport capacity more than five times to handle a billion trips a year under a new scheme called NextGen Airports for Bharat (NABH) Nirman.

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With the growth in aviation, there is a need to add airport infrastructure and increased infrastructure spending in the airport sector is the need of the hour.

Key Features of the Scheme 

This scheme constitutes investments to be made in airport upgrade by both the private sector and the state-owned Airports Authority of India (AAI) in the due course of time.

The scheme is to establish about 100 airports in 15 years at an estimated investment of Rs 4 lakh crore – a large percentage of the investment is to come from the private sector.

Three key aspects of NABH Nirman

(1) fair and equitable land acquisition

(2) long-term master plan for airport and regional development

(3) balanced economics for all stakeholders.

Significance of the Scheme

1 . This initiative has the potential to transform the Indian aviation sector and make India a global aviation superpower.

2 . The initiative will help to connect smaller towns and cities and increase tourism and economic activity.

3 . Creating capacity will bring in passengers as well as airlines. In India, about 300 million can afford air travel and creating capacity will ensure that those 300 million have the option of taking flights.