Crew Escape System

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ISRO has tested crew escape system for India’s human space flight programme

ISRO tests crew escape system for India’s human space flight programme

The Indian Space Research Organisation has tested a crew escape module that is critical in ensuring the safety of astronauts in case a rocket explodes on the launch pad. This was the first in a series of tests of a crew escape system, which is crucial for conducting human space flight.

What is a Crew Escape System?

The Crew Escape System is an emergency escape measure designed to quickly pull the crew module along with the astronauts to a safe distance from the launch vehicle in the event of a launch abort.

The first test [Pad Abort Test] demonstrated the safe recovery of the crew module in case of any exigency at the launch pad.

About the test

The emergency system, along with the simulated crew module, lifted off from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Andhra Pradesh’s Sriharikota . The test was over in 259 seconds, during which the crew escape system along with crew module soared skyward, then arced out over the Bay of Bengal and floated back to Earth under its parachutes about 2.9 km from Sriharikota.

The next test would focus on aborting the capsule at flight mode.