North Eastern Council

The North Eastern Council (NEC) is a statutory body established under the North Eastern Council Act, 1971, as amended in 2002.

Initially, NEC was an Advisory Body for North Eastern Region (NER). Now NEC is mandated to function as a Regional Planning Body for the North Eastern Region.


The Council comprises Governors and Chief Ministers of constituent States and three members nominated by the President.

NEC as a Regional Planning Body

While formulating the regional plans for the North Eastern Region, it is mandated to give priority to schemes and projects, benefitting two or more States, provided that in case of Sikkim, the Council shall formulate specific projects and schemes for that State including the review of implementation of such project and schemes.


NEC has been implementing various projects in different sectors. Over the years, NEC has achieved construction of 10500 kms. of roads, supported installation of 695 MW of power plants, construction of transmission and distribution lines, improvement in infrastructure of 5 major airports and construction of new airport in Tezu, Arunachal Pradesh. A major livelihood programme has transformed the lives of over 120000 women in the NER.