Why does the Bay of Bengal have more cyclones than the Arabian Sea?

Cyclones are known to originate in both the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea sides of the northern Indian Ocean. However there is much more frequency on the Bay of Bengal side especially of the stronger cyclones .In fact the Bay of Bengal side witnesses four times more cyclones than the Arabian Sea side on average.

The relatively colder waters of the Arabian Sea are not conducive to the formation and intensification of cyclones. Additionally, the eastern coast of India receives cyclones that form not just in the Bay of Bengal, mostly around the Andaman Sea near the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, but also those travelling from the Pacific Ocean, where the frequency of ‘typhoons’, as these are called there, is quite high. Most of these cyclones weaken considerably after encountering a big landmass. Therefore, these do not travel to the Arabian Sea side. The western coast of India thus witnesses only those cyclones that originate locally or the ones, like Ockhi, that travel from the Indian Ocean near Sri Lanka.