Forest Fire Prevention & Management Scheme

It’s a centrally sponsored scheme with an aim to focus solely on the issue of forest fire prevention & management and related activities, to address growing concern over adverse effects of forest fire.

Intensification of Forest Management Scheme was revised and replaced as Forest Fire Prevention & Management Scheme in December 2017.

Objective of scheme

1 .  To effectively prevent and control forest fires by improving the traditional practices and employing available modern methods.
2 .  To carry out effective awareness campaign for prevention of forest fire.
3 . To impart suitable training to the field staff and forest fringe communities on fire fighting with help of prescribed means and methods in the forest areas.
4 . To encourage community participation in prevention and control of forest fire
5 . To develop and strengthen Forestry Infrastructure of the States and UTs that are required for effective prevention and management of forest fire.
6 . To minimise forest fire incidences, develop knowledge on impacts and dynamics of forest fire and assist in restoring productivity of forests in affected areas.
7 . To institutionalise the partnership with forest fringe communities for forest protection.
8 . To prepare fire danger rating system and devise forest fire forecasting system.
9 .To encourage the states/UTs for optimal use of modern technology (such as Remote Sensing, GPS and GIS) in planning, developing and operationalising Fire prevention and management system.
10 . To contribute to the larger goal of maintaining environmental stability.