DISHA dashboard

In a bid to make “data-driven decision making” more than a mere buzzword, the Ministry of Rural Development launched the DISHA dashboard, a nifty tool that will make it easier to monitor governance by geography in real time.

The application, which is now available to all members of Parliament and State Assemblies as well as district officials, allows the user to track the progress of multiple and diverse schemes in a certain district, block, or even a gram panchayat.

Currently, 18 schemes are covered; the ultimate plan is to integrate all 42 Central schemes — representing a total outlay of ₹3 lakh crore — which are already monitored by DISHA or District Development Coordination and Monitoring Committees.


Currently, geographic mismatches make it difficult to unite data; for instance, while the Rural Development Ministry tracks its schemes by gram panchayat, the Health Ministry tracks it by anganwadis, which are mapped by population, while crime data uses different boundaries.

This is an outstanding tool for monitoring specific geographies. It will help MPs, MLAs and District Magistrates to make data-driven decisions.

The dashboard has three filters: time, scheme and geography. Currently, the tool is only available to legislators and government officials, but the Ministry is considering the possibility of making some of its features available online to the public on a later date .