University Grants Commission (UGC) issued / notified enabling regulatory architecture in the form of UGC (Declaration of Government Educational Institutions as Institutions of Eminence) Guidelines, 2017 and UGC (Institutions of Eminence Deemed to be Universities) Regulations, 2017 to enable 10 public and 10 private Institutions to emerge as World Class Teaching and Research Institutions . These Institutions shall be called as ‘Institutions of Eminence (IoEs)’.


Aim of the scheme

The aim of the scheme is to bring higher educational institutions selected as IoEs in top 500 of world ranking in the next 10 years and in top 100 eventually overtime. The scheme has been launched with an objective to provide world class teaching and research facilities to Indian students within the country and enhance general level of education of the country.

Salient features

The salient features are available in the UGC Guidelines and the UGC Regulations under which greater autonomy viz. to admit foreign students up to 30% of admitted students; to recruit foreign faculty upto 25% of faculty strength; to offer online courses upto 20% of its programmes; to enter into academic collaboration with top 500 in the world ranking Institutions without permission of UGC; free to fix and charge fees from foreign students without restriction; flexibility of course structure in terms of number of credit hours and years to take a degree; complete flexibility in fixing of curriculum and syllabus, etc. has been provided to IoEs.Under this scheme, IoEs will have freedom to choose their own path to become world class institutions.

Procedure for selection as IoEs

Institutions shall be selected as IoEs by the Empowered Expert Committee (EEC), constituted for this purpose. The EEC shall conduct their appraisal based on their 15 years strategic vision plan and 5 years implementation plan as well as any other measure of demonstrated commitment to the cause of developing an Institution of Eminence. The EEC will make its recommendation after engagement with the Institutions to study their proposals, hear presentations from them and after a thorough scrutiny, rank the Institutions for their suitability for inclusion in this scheme.

Benefits of being selected as IoE

Each Public Institution selected as IoE will be provided financial assistance up to Rs. 1000 Cr over a period of five years.