Launched by

Ministry of Tribal Affairs


VKY aims at creating enabling environment for need based and outcome oriented holistic development of the tribal people. This process envisages to ensure that all the intended benefits of goods and services under various programmes/schemes of Central as well as State Governments actually reach the target groups by convergence of resources through appropriate institutional mechanism.

It covers all tribal people and all areas with tribal population across the country.


1 . Improving the quality of life in tribal areas
2 . Improving the quality of education
3 . Qualitative and sustainable employment for tribal families
4 . Bridging infrastructure gaps with focus on quality
5 . Protection of tribal culture and heritage

Component of VKY

1 . Qualitative & Sustainable Employment.
2 . Quality Education & Higher Education.
3 . Accelerated Economic Development of tribal areas.
4 . Health for all.
5 . Housing for all.
6 . Safe Drinking Water for all at doorsteps.
7 . Irrigation facilities suited to the terrain.
8 . All Weather Roads with connectivity to the nearby town/cities.
9 . Universal Availability of Electricity.
10 . Urban Development.
11 . Robust institutional mechanism. (ITDAs/ITDPs)
12 . Promotion and conservation of Tribal Cultural Heritage
13 . Promotion of Sports in Tribal Areas.


1 . Strengthening of institutions meant for delivery of goods and services with adequate administrative, technical and financial powers such as Tribal Welfare Departments as nodal Department, Integrated Tribal Development Agency (ITDA), Integrated Tribal Development Projects (ITDPs) and creation of new ones where they do not exist etc.
2 . Convergence of scattered resources and activities being undertaken under various components.