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The entire component of species of organism plants and animals, found within a given region is known as Biota.

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Usually Silver ore is found with lead. If it is not extracted properly, lead impurity remains in the metal. Continuous eating in silver ware then causes lead poisoning.

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Global warming has been reported as the major factor of coral bleaching.

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Peatlands are characterized by the presence of water and special vegetation. The peat soil, often exceeding many meters in depth, consists of organic material and water and is created by the accumulation of partially decomposed plant materials. The layers of peat build up over sometimes thousands of years and preserve other materials including pollen grains, human artefacts and ancient bodies, giving us an unrivalled window into the past.

It has been estimated that peatlands contain at least 550 Gt of carbon, which is almost double the amount stored in the world’s forests. However, when peatlands are drained ,huge amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2) are released making restoration of great importance for climate change mitigation.

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