Ans. 1. (b)
Exp: Panchayatana is one of the styles of temple
architecture, flourished in late Gupta period. In Panchayatana style of temple architecture the main shrine is built on a rectangular plint with four smaller subsidiary shrines at four corners making it a total number of five shrines, hence the name Panchayatana.

Ans. 2. (c)
Exp: The Mathura school has the distinction of
having produced the first image of the
Buddha. The decoration of monasteries of
Afghanistan is associated with the Indo-
Greek Art not exclusively with the Matura
Art. Mathura also produced many fine
specimens of sculptures that include images
of Brahmanical, Jain and Buddhist deities.
The life size sculptures of Yakshas, Yakshini
are the finest work of this school.

Ans. 3 . (a)
Exp: Second statement is the characteristic of
Nagara style temple.

Ans. 4. (b)
Exp: The residential buildings were present in lower town, while the royal structures were on the citadel.
Most of the houses were centered around a courtyard, which was the centre of activity such as cooking, weaving.

An apparent concern for privacy: there was no window along the walls in the ground level. The main entrance does not give the direct view of the house.
Every house had it’s own bath room paved with bricks, with drains connected through the wall to the street drains.

Ans. 5. (a)
Exp: Monumental images of Yaksha, Yakhinis and
animals formed the part of sculpture during
Mauryan period.

Ans. 6. (d)

Ans. 7. (b)
Exp: Vijayanagara temples are usually surrounded
by a strong enclosure. Small shrines consist simply of a garbhagriha (sanctum) and a porch. Medium-sized temples have a garbhagriha, shukanasi (antechamber), a navaranga (antrala) connecting the sanctum and outer mandapa (hall), and a
rangamantapa (enclosed pillared hall). The Mandapas are built on square or polygonal plinths with carved friezes that are four to five feet high and have ornate stepped entrances on all four sides with miniature elephants.

Ans. 8. (c)

Ans. 9. (b)

A New York-based NGO World Monument Fund has selected the Suranga Bawdi in the World Monument Watch list under the ‘Ancient Water System of the Deccan Plateau’.
About Suranga Bawadi:
Suranga Bawadi is an integral part of the ancient Karez system of supplying water through subterranean tunnels.
It was built by Adil Shah in Vijayapura in Karnataka.

Ans. 10. (b)