Ans. 1 (c)
Exp: Carnatic is confined to Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Kerala but there are some areas in Karnataka and Andhra where the Hindustani Classical system is also practiced. Hindustani Music is usually considered to be a mixture of traditional
Hindu musical concepts and Persian music practices. Carnatic is Pure form of music.

Ans. 2 (c)
Exp: String Instrument: Veena, rudra veena, sitar, sarod, gitar etc.
Wind Instrument: Column of air is set into vibration in instruments-harmonium.
Mouth Blown Instrument: Shahnai, Nadaswaram

Ans. 3 (d)

Ans. 4 (d)
Exp: Violin and flute are present in both, it is the
use of tabla, sarangi, sitar, santoor, and clarionet used in Hindustani music whereas musical instruments that are used in Carnatic
music are veena, mridangam, mandolin, and

Ans. 5 (a)
Exp: Chipli and Jal Tarang are Solid musical

Ans. 6  (c)

Ans. 7 (d)
Exp: Statement 1 is incorrect. Hindustani music has more scope for improvisation than Carnatic music. Hindustani music is based on raga and gives freedom to improvise. Carnatic music is based on composition called Kriti and hence there is no much scope for improvisation.
Statement 2 is also incorrect. Hindustani has a convention of time and season, but Carnatic has no such convention.

Ans. 8 (a)
Exp: Gandharvaveda is the Upaveda of Samveda. It is a technical treatise on Music, Dance and Drama. It is also called Natyashastra.
Upaveda means applied knowledge derived from Vedas. They are traditional literatures which contain the subjects of certain technical works. They are
1. Ayurveda,
2. Gandharvavaeda,
3. Dhanurveda and
4. Shastrashastra.
Ayurveda deals in medicine and is associated with Rigveda. Dhanurveda deals in archery and is associated with Yajurveda. Shastrashastra deals with military technology and is associated with Atharvaveda.

Ans.  9 (b)
Exp : Statement 1 is correct: Right from ancient times, musical forms can be divided into two broad categories. These were the anibaddha and the nibaddha sangeeta.
Anibaddha sangeeta is one which is not restricted by meaningful words and tala. It is a free improvisation. The finest form is the alap.
Statement 2 is incorrect: Drut and Vilambit are the two varieties of Khyal music. Vilambit Khyal is slow while Drut is a faster form.
Statement 3 is incorrect: Pallavi, Anupallavi and Charnam form the three most important aspects of Carnatic music and not Hindustani music

Ans. 10 (b)